Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A New World

I am hard at work on a new-old project I'm very excited about. Ten years ago I wrote a synopsis, and this year I plied my madness to writing it in three days for the 3-Day Novel Contest. The novel tells a dark and dramatic story of a romance caught between the clashing worlds of the undead and modern city live. I'd conceived this story a long time ago, but never delved into it, because it was too dark. Now, I think my darkness could really compliment the telling, so I decided to go for it. While doing research to flesh out the back story, I stumbled upon something remarkable and amazing: there is a lot of precedence in Ancient Egyptian mythology for vampirism. The devouring of blood to sustain life and strength was even a practice for some of the supernatural creatures in the mythology, and a lot of the beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians revolved around returning to life and living forever. Once inspired, I can hardly be held back. I've spent the last month delving deep into a three-thousand-year old religion that's been dead for centuries if not millennia. The more I read, the more excited I become by this new avenue I've uncovered. A whole pantheon of gods is speaking to me, and I intend to answer by basing the entire history of vampirism in the powers of the Neteru and the creatures of the Duat. This novel will feature a millennia-old priestess of Set, a ginger Irishman cursed by the Duat demon within him, and a modern woman trying desperately not to be swept away. In the beginning, the living heart of the city is the dominant force, but as darkness falls on our heroes, the demons of Duat and the dark god Set show that they are not by any means creatures of the distant past. I want to tell you more, but I will wait until my history is complete. Then I will undoubtedly launch a page just for this fantastic story.


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