Friday, March 19, 2010

Love and Loyalty

I woke up at 6:45 this morning after only five hours of sleep to work on the first draft of "The Fallen Shadow". As I staggered around my sister's house looking for caffeine and breakfast, it slowly occurred to me how lucky I am to have such a supportive family. I know that I often go on and on about how much I love my friends and family and how much I appreciate them, but until you've been in my world for a day, you couldn't possibly understand how much they deserve all of my appreciation.

Though I have my own home with a loving hubby, my sister, Becka, renovated her upstairs with help from her roomy and friend, Dawn, to accommodate my sewing. Granted, we all three use this sewing room, but there is no doubt in MY mind that a majority of the inspiration behind the design and layout was for production of the costumes I sell at conventions, design on commission, and will soon be selling on They even purchased a futon with a bunk on top that they use for storage, a shelf under for storage, and a comfortable mattress for me to sleep on when I 'crash' here.

So, I woke up in a room in my sister's house, in a room designed with my needs in mind, on a mattress chosen for my comfort. I went downstairs to wake up some, and looking around the house, I see sprinklings of my art. In the main living room, there is a laminated "Mezmer" bookmark from my first booth at Pentacon marking Becka's page in her latest read. On the end table is one of my books "Quietus" and a postcard flier for the book. In the second living room, a picture of Becka that I photo-manipulated with Corel 9.0 more than a decade ago and printed on poor quality paper is proudly displayed in a frame above her fireplace. Along side are pictures of hers and my wedding days. Attached to my sister's study door is a bad charcoal sketch I did in Jr. High. It's little more than a doodle, but it's been laminated and hung in every home she's ever lived in. Inside the study, her magnetic bulletin board supports a 2010 calendar featuring "Quietus" on the cover and eleven other works done by me over the years. Somewhere in that room, there is a stack of my artwork (some that I am quite embarrassed by) that she hangs in every home she lives. It is only a matter of time till they also don her study walls.

The fridge in the kitchen boasts a small 5" oval "Quietus" magnet on the left side. On the front, there is a large 9"x11" "Quietus" magnet, and four bookmark magnets featuring my artwork "Forest Nymph", "Mezmer", "Niyati", and "Reflection". On the narrow strip of the right hand side that is visible the moment you come in the garage door is six more bookmark sized magnets: "Mezmer", "Key to Freedom", "Phoenix", "Forest Nymph", "Reflection", and "Niyati". In the garage there is a large 11x14 matted print of "Forest Nymph", a signed print that I gave my brother-in-law the first year I had a booth at Pentacon. It has hung in all three of their homes since then, and now is prominently displayed over his work table. Here at their computer, where I type this entry, a "Quietus" mousepad is stacked on top of their previous mousepad featuring my "Forest Nymph" art.

I don't have access to her bedroom, but I know my art hangs there as well.

If this entry is any indication of the amazing love and support I receive every day from my dear sisters, mother, husband, and friends, then I've done my job here. It is their kindness, affection, and unwavering loyalty that see me through the trials of life, and I am grateful.

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