Friday, December 16, 2011

Back on Track

Here resumes my regular updates to this and my other journals.

The world has come full circle since I began my quest to complete Heirs of Change for Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award. I was just ten chapters shy of the major revision of the original text when the deadline came and went. I will admit that I was discouraged when I was among the first round eliminated, without my manuscript having been so much as looked at, and judged solely on a 300 word 'pitch'. I do not force the writing when my muse isn't in it, so I gave my work on Heirs of Change a hiatus to gather my thoughts and get my head back in the right place.

Not one to let my creative energies go unused, I turned my attention to revamping Seeking Destiny, a project I have not dedicated much time or energy to discussing in my journal. This book consumed me for several months, and when the major re-edit was done I realized I had a true diamond in the rough. I have been considering for some time making a launch into the e-book world and Seeking Destiny would be a good vehicle for that.

I will not go into detail about this new book (and possible series), because I will save all of the goodies and background information for the opening content of the new Seeking Destiny Book Blog. This month I will be refreshing the content of all of the book blogs with updates on the progress of the manuscripts .

For now I wish everyone happy holidays and thank you again for your following and support.


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