Friday, December 16, 2011

Back on Track

Here resumes my regular updates to this and my other journals.

The world has come full circle since I began my quest to complete Heirs of Change for Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award. I was just ten chapters shy of the major revision of the original text when the deadline came and went. I will admit that I was discouraged when I was among the first round eliminated, without my manuscript having been so much as looked at, and judged solely on a 300 word 'pitch'. I do not force the writing when my muse isn't in it, so I gave my work on Heirs of Change a hiatus to gather my thoughts and get my head back in the right place.

Not one to let my creative energies go unused, I turned my attention to revamping Seeking Destiny, a project I have not dedicated much time or energy to discussing in my journal. This book consumed me for several months, and when the major re-edit was done I realized I had a true diamond in the rough. I have been considering for some time making a launch into the e-book world and Seeking Destiny would be a good vehicle for that.

I will not go into detail about this new book (and possible series), because I will save all of the goodies and background information for the opening content of the new Seeking Destiny Book Blog. This month I will be refreshing the content of all of the book blogs with updates on the progress of the manuscripts .

For now I wish everyone happy holidays and thank you again for your following and support.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Surviving the Quarter

It has been a crazy, fantastic ride these past few months. I threw myself into several projects that absorbed my attention and my time, and exhausted I emerge from an almost harrowing quarter with a renewed sense of purpose.

I revisited Seeking Destiny, completing a second draft for the novel of which I am very proud. Though I did not finish the book in time for GenCon, I am pleased with the great accomplishment. I feel as though a somewhat directionless fantasy novel has bloomed into an epic adventure full of meaning and emotion.

In August, I attended GenCon in Author's Avenue and sold copies of my novel Quietus, and spent the weekend with my best friend (and future co-author), Nica. In spite of a slow start, the convention was a success and I met a lot of interesting and very talented people. I acquired a new stack of novels from the other authors and I am currently working on submissions for the anthologies to which I was introduced.

I plan to read through my shiny new acquisitions and do something I never imagined I would do: I'm going to post my impressions and opinions of each. As an author who is ever seeking to perfect her craft, I always felt a little shallow commenting on other authors' works. I realize now that all criticism is appreciated by someone wishing to hone their craft, and any publicity is appreciated by a rising star. Thus my humble reviews will be posted to this blog as I complete them.

This past Labor Day weekend, I once again competed in the 3-Day Novel Contest, and did manage to complete a modest 28K novel for the competition. 12 hours into my first day I still hadn't found my muse. Then, when going through old folders of novel ideas, I found a complex and detailed brainstorm of ideas centralized around a small series of books. Advocates of Virtue is a series I imagined in 2003, though I am certain now that I was not a mature enough author at that time to undertake the ambitious project. The first book was set in the late Middle Ages in England, and was an exploration of the virtues that redeem man kind for the evil in the hearts of some. It was a somber tone for me, much darker than my usual style, and I was proud of myself for stepping outside of my comfort zone. At a later time I will go into more detail about these books.

My current ambition is to finish revising Heirs of Change and openly seek an agent to represent my work to prospective publishers. It is my most sincere hope that I find representation by the end of the year, and open up the new year to the prospect of making my first sale to a large publishing house. I now have six books written and in various stages of revision ready to polish for publication. Of those, two are very near to submission quality: Heirs of Change and Seeking Destiny. I believe it is finally time to formally introduce the world to Kimber Grey.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

From Out of the Deep Blue

Much time away and I have little to say for myself except to say this: concentrating all of your energy on one goal neither guarantees that goal, nor lessens your longing to accomplish your other dreams.

The past where it belongs, my eyes are on the future. In two months, on the first weekend of August, I will be attending GenCon in Indianapolis for the second year in a row. I will be d├ębuting my second novel Seeking Destiny and living my dream for four wonderful days. Conventions are my time to leave the world behind and exist completely in a universe all my making. I allow myself to silence the wearying concerns and nagging doubts of life in favor of simply living and being. Though the work is exhausting, conventions are a vacation for my soul.

How often do we allow ourselves to believe all things are possible, truly believe? How often do we consider tomorrow the concern of tomorrow and the moment the prize of today? How many times have we allowed ourselves to be free instead of only dreaming of it? Conventions are these things to me. They are the elixir that restores my essence.

In spite of the frantic preparation, long hours, lean sleep, and physical labor required to satisfy my desire to pour as much of myself into each event as possible... I live for this.

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