Monday, August 23, 2010

Admirable Mentions

How do you know if you're on the right track? When people you admire, admire you back.

I have a fairly small circle of friends because, in spite of all appearances, I am a private person. I am friendly and outgoing, but only a few are let into my 'world'. I love my friends like family, and love my family with all that I am. That is why, with all that I do, I ever seek to inspire recognition and respect from those I have drawn near to my heart. It is in my greatest moments of frustration and discouragement when I am most rewarded for my devotion and affection, something for which I am ever grateful. I have also come to realize that in times of 'peace', people are often easy to dismiss the hands that hold them up when they falter. I pray I never find myself complacent and unappreciative of my friends.

I wanted to write a few words about the kindness and support of a few people who I respect and admire in my life.

Zachary Houghton is a brilliant and genuine man with a strong and true heart. He is a wonderful GM and a devoted father and husband. I am honored to call him a friend and am always uplifted by his easy smile and energetic conversation. On any occasion he may wear the hat of commentator, judge, or writer in the vast and complex field of RPGs. His opinion is widely respected by many more wise than I. For all of these reasons, I am flattered by his mention of my appearance at GenCon on his blog and his support over the weekend.

Louis Lamp is the owner and orchestrator of Paradice Games Inc., based in Portland. He is ever patient and always full of ideas, energy, and whimsy. He's an example, steadfast and true to his dreams and beliefs. I have been happy to work with him for this past year, and have found his encouragement and tolerance inspiring in so many ways. I appreciate his recognition on Paradice's page.

J.W.Braun was an intriguing and intelligent author that I had the pleasure of meeting at GenCon a few weeks ago. I found his conversation refreshing and animated, and his accomplishments commendable. Though I have not known him long, I look forward to following his progress and hope to see him at future functions. He is an accomplished author and a kind man who flattered me with his recent praise of my book in his blog.

To so many unnamed others: thank you. I hope in time to put a face to everyone who has been there for me in all times of my life.


JW said...

Thanks, Kimber! I'll be keeping an eye on your blog in the future.

Kimber Grey said...

I look forward to seeing you around, friend.

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