Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Giving up October

(as seen in the blog for The Fallen Shadow)

It is important for me to start this message out with a very firm declaration that I in no way feel that I did not succeed with Quietus or The Fallen Shadow. I think I did very well, and I am very happy with the amazing progress I made. I wrote Quietus in just six months, produced a beautiful cover myself, and self-published in a very competitive and difficult market to break into. I finished the first draft of The Fallen Shadow in four months during a time of great tribulation and distraction in my life. This announcement is not because I feel that I have failed in some way. On the contrary, I am very proud of the work I have done, and I know that, should I have continue on the path I'm on, I would have succeeded.

The changes in my production plans are because I feel I could do so much better. I am putting aside my pride and need for instant gratification to do this right. There is no shame in self-publication, and I do believe being brave enough to venture into that field is remarkable. However, I want to reach many more people than I can with my one-man-army. As I'd said in a previous post, I'm seeking representation and traditional publication. The change from my last update is what I'm announcing today.

I am ceasing work on The Fallen Shadow for the time being. Instead, I am revisiting Quietus. I intent to add as much as a hundred pages of content to the novel and build the setting better. Quietus was a fantastic learning experience for me, and all of the feedback I got was very positive but chocked full of constructive advice. I intend to take my time and apply that advice to the part of the story that are lacking. This new novel will be given a title more appropriate to the content of the book and the continuation of the series, and will be the new first book of the Midian Saga.

What does this mean for all of my loyal followers and avid fans? I'm sorry to say, guys, that I will be depriving you of your well-deserved 10.10.10 publication of The Fallen Shadow. I will be marketing the entire series to publishers, and offering them first-publication rights. This means I can't selfishly push The Fallen Shadow through just to see it in print. Giving up this goal was a very hard decision for me, and still haunts me, but there is a grander picture here to consider.

I hope everyone understands and supports this choice, as it means you will all be able to purchase Midian Saga books for less and easier. Plus it means I will be able to dedicate more time to writing and less energy on formatting, marketing, and selling. I have the ambitious goal of writing two books a year. One for Midia, and one in another series or a stand alone. I know that with advances, representation, and a publisher, I can do this. I want to be more. I want to have more time to devote to my craft, and this is my tool to get there.

As always, thank you everyone for you support, kind words, and devotion to the Midian Saga. I wouldn't be where I am if it were not for all of you. Next time you see my name in print, it will be on a bookstore shelf. :)

~Love, Kimber Grey


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